11.08.19 -puzzling-

There is one really weird thing about thinking that you are right. And I don’t mean about a single argument or about a task you did exactly how you were asked to do it – no, I mean to really ‘be’ right. To live right. Obviously there is no one who is able to judge what right and wrong really is (we had philosophy to confuse us about that topic;) ) but people still like to think that how they live, how they raise their children and how they act in public is considered right or at least not considered wrong.

So when you come here you meet a lot of different people and they have all been raised a different way and they all have a different opinion about that way being right or wrong. And additional to that you also meet them in a country that is different from almost all those ways.

After the very first impression you may come to the conclusion that the immense pressure and expected discipline is not very functional. And most of all is it possible to really develope your personality in such an environment?

Because I feel that the way I have been raised and the way I have been taught in school worked really good for me it is very hard for me to understand how a person here can develop in a similar way and into a similar person when that person – to some extent – has been raised under some how contrary circumstances. I might disagree with a lot of things but I am still not able to find an argument against someone who really feels like the way he has been raised worked out really good for him.

Have you ever had similar experiences? Did anyone of you ever feel like they have to reconsider some of the values society gives you or even hold on to some values that are not considered valuable in a different environment? And how far do you think you should adapt to different point of views?

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