23.08.19 – Two month

It’s not about being muscular or in shape. If you come here for the first time you might come to the rash judgement that you have already been relatively fit before and that you don’t look too bad in comparison to the others. But after being here for two month and seeing people come and go you know that it’s not about power or strength, it’s not about the percentage share of fat or muscles in your body and it’s not even about your fitness.

Everything here is about will. It is possible to run a mountain run and do acrobatics right after it. It is possible to jump the stairs up in frog jumps 20 times. It is possible to pay attention to what you eat even if you have to carry a lot of fruits and vegetables on Wednesdays and Sundays. It is possible to train the whole day and still attending the free training.

But only if you really want it. Only if you know why you are doing it. And on the other hand also only if you know when to stop, when to sleep or when to eat more or less or when to talk to other people or when to ask for help.

Honestly, I can tell you all I want that it’s about you and your will (or willpower), but in the end, you have to know it for yourself. It’s not enough to just belive me when I say it, you have to know it by heart when you get in to a situation that is outside your comfort zone.

This is not a post about motivation or pushing yourself further, because in the beginning it’s actually the opposite that you should remember. When you are new the people here train longer than you, they know what kind of exercises to expect, they are more used to how the different movements should feel. The teachers here try to push you to your limit but sometimes they don’t know where that is or how much rest you really need. So you need to have the will to take the responsibility that I talked about before. Some days you might be able to do something that you didn’t know you could and on other days things that you feel more familiar with are too much for your body.

In this place everyone reaches their limit almost every single day. They don’t make a difference between how old you are or what gender you are. Everyone runs the same routes, does the same amound of push ups or anything else and you do it as good as you can. Maybe you’re not as fast as the others but you can still do it your own way (sometimes also the way of your shifu^^).

You cannot be prepared for this amount of training and the environment and accommodation, you can only take it the way you get it and get the best out of it for you.

In live there will be a lot of situations you don’t like or situations that are simply unfair which you cannot change but you still decide how you cope with them.

And you might even feel stronger after.

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