Yesterday I traveled to my final destination, from Nairobi to Kirindon and from there right into the bush. And that was an Adventure^^:

All of it started at 5:30 in the morning when I woke up and the first car of the day picked me up at 6:00 o’clock at my host mom’s house. So far so good, I arrived at 6:45 at the bus stop in the city center of Nairobi. And there I had to face my first challenge: They didn’t have any space in the boot of the car, so my suitcase had to be sqiushed in the footwell. So what was the Problem? Well, first of all this kenyan bus is the size of an old VW-Bus and has as many seats as possible so it’s all pretty cramped how it is and secondly they wanted me to pay for another seat because my suitcase took too much space for anyone to sit there. At least that’s what everybody thought at that time.

To sum it up: I simply didn’t have enough money with me to pay for another seat, because I knew I had to pay the next vehicle after the bus too, so I decided to prove them wrong: I sat on the seat with crossed legs with my big suitcase in front of me, taking all the space that my legs and feet were supposed to have. The driver said that there was no way I could sit like this for six hours, but I really had no other choice: If I wouldn’t take this bus, I would miss my connection. So yeah, I just did it. Not cross leged all the way, sometimes I put my feet up behind the head of the driver (on the right side of the car btw, Kenya is an ex-british colony) or just hug my legs into my chest. If you are determined, there is a way, I learned that a couple of month ago ;).

So as I arrived in Kilgoris, the last station of the bus, I got out of the bus into a car, a five-seater with seven people in it – eight with me. How does that work? The driver simply sits halfway on the crouch of another person, so there are four people on the two front seats and four on the back row. On our way it started to rain so bad that the driver couldn’t continue the road (it’s a not a stone road), so after he dropped of the other passengers the driver and I sat in the car together in the middle of nowhere, heavy rain falling against the windows of the car. His english was not very good but I managed to understand that there was a friend of the man who runs this place picking me up with a ‘pickie pickie’, whatever that was^^.

It’s a motorbike. So he tied my suitcase on the back and I squeezed in between him and my luggage. We passed muddy roads and a Truck stuck inside and 30 minutes later we found the only foreigner that I saw on my whole journey: one of the other volunteers. But it wasn’t the end of the voyage. Not by far. We were in Kirindon, a place with a shop where I bought gumboots and a tiny hall in which people gather to watch the one television in all the area and drink tea. By that time I was soaked to the skin, so I got a tea while everyone started to arrive.

After tea time I got back on the pickie pickie and I was quite lucky because on the other dirtbike there were four of them^^.

So we continued the muddy ‘street’ for two kilometres and suddenly the sky turned orange and pinkish behind the bush. The bush! Since I got out of the bus and left the stone streets everywhere it was. So now on one side you could see over a big valley just until the horizon and on the other side grass and trees like you never see anything close in Germany. And that’s when I saw them: Impalas and antilops grazing and two giraffes eating on the trees. It was just amazing. You forget how big the sky looks, when you live in a city for a long time.

We arrived at a pass guess what, it was muddy, where one of the bikes left us and we walked. Into the bush. Right into it. No road what so ever^^. It was just amazing. And the gumboots were very necessary. The sounds, the smell, everything.

We arrived here (not that I could see, because it was dark by now):

Today we fixed a road, I showered and did my laundry with a bucket of river water and now we cook Ugali.

Living in the bush is crazy, that’s what they keep telling me. Can’t wait to find out how much.

There are stars btw. So many.

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