Tuesday, my first real day here we fixed a road. The same road in fact that the motorbike used to bring me close to this place from Kirindon. It is broken in many places, but one of them was a big crack from one side of the road to the other maybe 1 1/2 meter deep at one side, so that no one could pass, not even the very adventurous driving pickie pickie captains. So the five of us (four volunteers and our host/boss) pushed a wheelbarrow trough the bush all the way to the street and twenty minutes further on the street while zebras and impalas kept as close watch on us that we did on them. On the way we met a ranger who showed us a dead impala he just found probably killed by leopards last night.

If you go anywhere here there are always things to see. You can not just walk straight through the bush, that doesn’t work, there are simply to many obstacles.

When we arrived we started to bring big rocks (and by ‘big’ I mean big, the ones you can not carry alone) and smaller ones for several hours until we were all so tired that we needed to rest under the sun that was extremely strong by now. We got very lucky because right then one after another a few people came the way on motorbikes and each one helped us a little bit until the road was fixed with stones and earth on one side so that at least a pickie pickie could pass now. (My spelling correction really hates me for writing ‘pickie pickie’ so often^^)

So that day ended with us being very exhausted and eating Ugali which is a typical kenyan dish made mostly from water and cornflour. It is a meal made to give you a lot of strengh and energy.

Yesterday was an even more exhausting dat, but it was a very awesome one: We went to see the sunrise from a higher level over the bush (1 hour 20 minutes walk all together), then got milk fron another farm (1 hour) and after breakfast we went on a nature walk through the valley over which we saw the sun rise in the morning. We saw many giraffes and they passed just 30 meters away from us and further down a lion on the hunt from further away. Sadly it stopped the hunt because the wind was blowing from behind us and it hid from us.

We also jumped over a small river, saw two hippos fight each other and climbed a reeeeeally big rock.

Did I tell you the bush is crazy?^^

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