Did you ever try to change the way a small river flows? Well if you did, you know it’s hard work^^. The last few days we did a little bit of garden work and went to a small village in the Mara Reserve to buy some things, so it wasn’t as hard. Garden work can be fun, especially if you can dig, which is in a weird way satisfying, but it can also be exhausting if you have to carry things to the garden from another place, where it seems that there it is not getting less.

Today’s work was really good: It was hard, but not to hard and after you pushed yourself through the first bit of tiredness you got into a nice little routine. It actually does remind me a lot of training: Every beginning is hard but if you tried your best at the end of the day you feel really relaxed.

Apart from digging in the garden, carrying big piles of grass and being squished between to people on a motorbike (and on the way back, there were all the groceries we bought on the back too) on the so called ‘streets’, we also had one amazing day without any work: Sunday.

Usually, though we live somewhere in the bush, my host goes with his volunteers somewhere to neighbours to listen to preachings etc. But because he wasn’t feeling good, he lay in bed until noon. Now it was to late to go to ‘church’, so we went to a place everyone around calls ‘Nairobi’: It’s a big waterfall with one level that is so big that it is used as a swimming pool. So we spend our day swimming, splashing water at each other – all of that. Who was ever swimming with me knows I love it and I can stay inside the water for a very long time. Needless to say that all of us had a an amazing day.

In this place you may have not as much comfort as you are used to from your home (like a toilet, shower, running water etc.) but every day is different, there is no schedule and no watch to follow it and if you go through the bush (like when you get milk from a nearby farm) you can climb on everything run jump, you can be a kid. You cross rivers more swimming than walking and see a group of Pumbas (The lion king). I mean who sees elephants and buffalos when he goes grocery-shopping?

I know everyone in the world is worried about the corona virus but luckily in the bush you don’t feel much of it. We store food a little bit more careful, but that’s all so far. There are so much more people in Kenya and all of Africa who die of hunger everyday than people who died of corona all over the world, so they have a very different point of view.

I am very grateful, that we have enough to eat.

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