Suddenly the whole house is full of life. Shoes and socks lie everywhere during the day. Right now as I’m writing this the twins run up to me hold chapatchi-dough in my face crying: ‘Zebra, Zebra, Zebra!’

So yeah, the wildlife came to the house too. The oldest girl asked me if I wasn’t afraid of the Simba when I go for milk. I said the three kids at home scare me more.^^

Thanks Mom and Dad, you really did an impossible job there. And Mom: Thanks for staying at home with us, I know the two of us must have given you a lot of worries sometimes ;).

The best time of the day is when my host takes me outside the home area through the bush to the place where you can look over the Mara-Reserve. Sometimes we went there for Sunrise. So when we go there and he does some calls, I climb the trees. Yeah, hi I’m 18 years old by the way and I like climbing trees^^. It’s especially exciting when you see the claw marks of a leopard and follow them. They are old of cause, but you can see what they saw maybe just days ago.

We watch giraffes, warthogs, zebras, antelopes, waterbugs, dodos… Today we saw tiny pinpricks walking in front of the mara-river: Elefants.

The rain made us go home early but sometimes you stay there until it’s dark.

Some day I will get a car and drive through Africa. Stop where I want to stop, lie on the roof of the car and see the stars. Randomly staying in a place in the wild and just watch animals passing by. Of course with the whole ‘enclosure-quarantene’-thing, that’s still far in the future.

If I listen to myself I feel like a I am spoiling city life for me^^.

You walk and you see footprints of a giraffe. For some reason it was running and sliding through the mud. So you look up and scan the surroundings: Is what made it run still here?

Of cause life here is not always like that: You work in the garden to get your own food, sustain the house and the flowers, do your laundry (takes much longer when you need to get the dried mud out with your hands^^) and care for the chickens and the two funny looking ducks, which seem to me of no use whatsoever, but they are decent catcher’s, if you throw them corn to eat^^.

It is true though, that you have a lot less time in life, to be bored or fight with other people. The only thing I can’t give up sometimes is reading or writing. At least a few of the words and thoughts in my head need to get out or need to be fed by other words and different stories from other worlds. I miss the kung fu a little bit and having people around that love martial arts too and motivate each other.

Maybe I should teach the zebras ;). I’m sure the lions wouldn’t slay them like the one we saw last week then.

Thanks again mom and dad, one of the kids is climbing on me right now^^.

One thought on “27.03.20

  1. There is always a give and take between adults and children. In a few days these wild little monsters will grow very fond of you.
    You’ll see.
    And I am sure that the children are much more teachable than the zebras, when learning KungFu, Taekwondo or Yoga.


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