For the water not to flow inside the property we needed to dig and build a wall with the soil right through a big bush. Meaning: An ax and a machete to cut roots and even a small tree, the ‘digging stuff’ to loosen the soil and a shovel to get it out and build the wall. About 4 hours of sweaty work.^^

It makes you wonder why to go through so much trouble every day, for the garden to get vegetables to eat, for the fence to keep out wild animals, for the not yet working ‘western toilet’, for the water you need for dishes, showers, laundry, for laundry itself^^. The people have been trying to make life more easy and build big communities and cities, where you are safe from wild animals, go to the supermarket for food, have a working toilet and shower, the water comes from the sink magically and a machine for laundry.

What do the people do with the time they ‘save’?

And another question: if people would choose a harder life in regions that are not inhabited, would we have less problems with overpopulation?

It makes you think not just about what you want to study or which university but what kind of life you want to live.

The animals I meet when I go for milk in the morning grow more and more used to me. A few days a go I met a giraffe mother with her to long legged children. I followed them a little bit of the way and as the mother realised I was there they didn’t run. They looked at me for quite a while decided that I wasn’t a threat for them and continued their way. It makes you feel like you are not an intruder but part of the wild life..