These days bringing the milk in the morning becomes really hard. In the night, the rain doesn’t find any rest at all, so walking in the morning is now sliding, climbing and wading through water. Try washing your pants after, that’s half the fun ;).

On Monday we went for a walk down to the Mara River to a Treehouse, that is now -without any tourists- vacated but still open. That day we luckily didn’t have any rain, but strong wind, which was moving the whole house based around a big olive tree. The river was so high, that the hippos had to stay in corners away from the big flood. So maybe 20-30 meters away from the house a whole hippofamily was playing and fighting. During the day that is fine but you shouldn’t leave the house at night, which is when the come out of the water to eat grass. As long as they are in the water and you are not you’re okay but try not to meet them outside^^.

If you know the vegetation during such a walk you can snack small fruits from bushes or trees, if you don’t know, don’t try.

This way (no touristguide or group around) you never get tired of passing through ‘the wild’ and discovering new places.

We also had a little birthday party for the twins on Tuesday evening and because they turned four they didn’t really believe it was their birthday at first^^. Kids are really hard to please sometimes (just like adults) but sometimes it’s also really easy to make them happy (just like adults). So this time with sweets, fruit salad, a homemade non-bake cake (no oven) and even chicken for dinner, everyone was having a really good time :).

It’s so easy to be happy sometimes. It feels like a choice these days. You can just choose to be happy with what you have right now or you choose not to. This whole quarantine-thing gives you a lot of time to think about family and the people close to you (well if at the moment you are not dying in the sun while trying to cut grass with a slasher (remember -trying-^^)) and it also gives you a lot of time to be grateful. Especially when you hear that people are dying so much of hunger and floods you really don’t mind getting a little wet when you get the milk.

So thank you and I hope you have a great day today 🙂

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