This situation turns all of us into hobby-hair-cutters^^. (sorry Chris^^)

Life in the bush is still crazy. It’s still free. You still go for milk every morning. And you keep on learning new things. Cutting gras with a slasher (looks basically like a golfstick) or branches with a machete. You even get your own medicine by digging and removing roots from specific trees.

Life just goes on. Yes, it’s hard to even get out of the compound, because all the rain turned this place almost into a swamp, but if you have to go grocery shopping you still slide through it with the motorbike.

Life just goes on. Yes, your gumboots might have a hole and you have wet socks or get stuck in the mud or take forever to walk somewhere, but you still go.

Life just goes on you know? You don’t have oil? You cook with butter. The toilet is broken? You have an entire bush to yourself.

Sometimes even for small stupid things, like you really want to take a shower, but it is dark, the water icy cold and the bathroom on the other end of the place. So when you are really stubborn (like me^^) you go anyway and just take the bucket behind one of the houses – in spite of it being windy…^^. Showering with glowing worms also has it’s charms.

Life goes on. And you don’t have the luxury of getting bored, because with every small obstacle, the routine changes a tiny bit. It is just real.

Life goes on somehow.

Stay safe and healthy!

One thought on “08.05.20

  1. Amazing stories you write!
    Hope you will put them altogether into a book one day!
    I feel as if I am there with you.
    Carry on.
    Best wishes!


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