In a plane again.

Security checks, baggage claims, long and endless corridors, the deafening sound of engines and the knees blue from being squished in a really small space for quite some time.

It either brings the beginning of an adventure or means the end of one.

The picture that one might see inside the mirror in the tiny bathroom cabin looks anticipating, wide eyed, maybe even a little frightened.

This aircraft vehicle is going to Berlin. And as always it is bringing someone with mixed feelings.

Every time is a little different of cause, but this time is reeeally different. The girl that appears in the mirror when I stand in front of it looks so different than the one who left six month ago. When I went to that kung fu school in China more than one year ago I was expecting to change a lot. I expected that experience would shape me in an entirely different way. And honestly: I was wrong. It didn’t change me much at all. I learned – yes, I came to understand a few things – yes, but somehow, I didn’t change that much. And that is okay, because I didn’t need to change so much to fit that adventure after all.

That is why now when I regard that person there, I am even a little surprised. Who is that? I honestly didn’t go to Africa to change myself. I wanted to help with my own hands in a project and I wanted to see and feel the wilderness. And in the end it was so much more than that.

I love the wild look that I see now in my eyes. I learned things I would have never imagined before. And I am so so thankful for it.

I am exhausted and tired and sad and happy and nervous – maybe even a little frightened – and all of that at the same time.

This is not going to be my last adventure. Kenya gave me more than I could have ever asked for. Family and friends, experience in so many small and big things and so many stories to tell. Unexpectedly though it gave me answers. (A lot more questions too though^^, but most importantly different answers).

I hope that for everyone out there their lives feel like a story to which they can’t wait to turn the next page. And the next and next – addictive. I don’t know what is yet to come and I don’t want to know. I will not skip until the end and read the last page. The plot will continue itself ;).

Thank you, I am glad I will have so many to miss from this time, it means it was amazing.

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