Vivre – by Slimane (Remix)

Tu as laissé ton cœur mourir pour les autres mon frère 
Tu as nourri ton spleen ar fermé les vannes trop fier.
Tu as voulu porter les poids de mon monde sur tes épaules.

Mais sache que dans ma vie tu n'avais que le second rôle

-Il es temps de tourner la page et de fermer le livre, de sortir de ta cage pour essayer de vivre-
-Il est temps de tourner la page et fermer le livre, oiblier ta rage, essayer de vivre-

-Turner la page, essayer de vivre-



The song is originally meant to tell a friend that one is the one responsible for one’s own fate and that the friend should stop blaming himself and start working on his very own path.

It says “tourner la page, essayer de vivre” (turn the page and try to live) which is important for every struggle we will face on our own paths. As the Buddhists core believe is that we are the forger of our lives luck the song as well doesn’t make that sound easy. It says ‘try’ every time.

So let us try

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