Do you remember how I wrote in one of my first blogs: ‘Life in the bush is crazy’? Well it must have gotten to me then, because I am staying here for now.

All the world goes crazy, people are under house arrest in their own homes, in quarantine or in hospitals – all over the world. Everyone keeps telling me: ‘Go home while you can’, ‘The last planes are leaving in the next two days and who knows when you will be able to leave the next time’, ‘Africa doesn’t have the recourses to handle that kind of crisis’.

And I’m staying. Running away isn’t going to solve anything for me, I’m somewhere in the bush and I have the choice to stay – unlike many other volunteers.

This will sound odd but I think that life isn’t done with teaching me about what ‘living’ really means. Not living in a full developed society and facing problems yourself: You cannot just call a plumber if something breaks in the middle of the bush – especially now – you have to fix it yourself.

In the face of such a crisis humans think of themselves and their loved ones and forget that there are people out there, for whom this scares their whole existence, because some people work during the day to have money to buy their family something for this same day.

This is not offensive to anyone who decided otherwise but for me, as I am here and have the choice to stay: I rather choose a more difficult but more fulfilling ‘existence’ here in ‘the wild’ for the coming month (no one really knows for how long) than going home and getting crazy, because I cannot move around or meet my loved ones.

I came to think that ‘the wild’ implicates a wrong image: Most of the time it is way more peaceful and sometimes it seams like the rules of nature are more fair than rules made by human beings.

But the truth is also: Wildlife seems cruel sometimes and sometimes it is.

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