Sooo much rain. The Mara River flooded the shores down in the Mara Reserve and many cows and goats died. People needed to evacuate their homes and move to higher grounds.

Here everyone forgot about the corona virus. With the locusts in the north and the floods people have other problems. Still in the small village we go to to buy sugar, rice and flour and whatever else needed there got a big watertank installed saying: “Wash your hands – COVID 19″. It does look kind of funny between the portion mill and the ‘hotel’ we take Chai and Mandazi in^^.

Two big differences between this place and Germany:

Well first of all it is not unusual to get asked if you want to marry someone more than one time in a day especially if you tell the your age and that you are neither married nor have kids^^. Or that another woman tells you: ” You know, I have a younger brother. I think he is your age, you should meet him! You’ll get along really well.”

You can also go and visit people just randomly without calling them first and they will offer you Chai and exchange news. That works because in this community people are either related to each other in some way or at least know each other or some members of your family.

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